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Buying a Pinterest account can do wonders for your brand, especially if your product or service is geared towards women. But what exactly is Pinterest? For those who still don’t know, Pinterest is a web and mobile application that offers visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage. According to their wiki page, they’re one of the top social networks today, coming in closely after Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest started back in 2010, and the website quickly climbed its way to the top. Currently, the website is mainly visited by millions of women who can’t stop pinning their favorite photos that depict fashion, recipes, craft, children, and even pets. Similar to Facebook fanpages, this visual-based social network can drive a lot of referral traffic, that is why it offers great value for marketers. If you’re interested in purchasing a Pinterest account, then please contact us, our staff will start looking for properties that match your request.

Is buying a Pinterest account right for you?

Why should you own a popular Pinterest account? What are the benefits of having one? Let us review some pros and cons of owning a viral Pinterest account.


  • Dominated by women, who are known to share content at higher rates than men.
  • Posts have the ability to go viral, just like on other popular social networks.
  • Referral traffic is easy to obtain, as long as you provide good content.
  • Credibility! Nothing screams established like thousands of fans following your business/website.
  • They’re a one-time investment, unlike paid advertising.


  • Men related content will not perform well.
  • Availability. Finding willing sellers is difficult, much more than other social networks. You might have to wait for a long time before we can find you a worthy account.

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