Now that you’ve decided to buy social media accounts like Facebook fan pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts, among others, the next step is to learn the difference behigh-quality quality social media account and an account that you probably shouldn’t buy. This is very important because it’s too easy to waste money on the internet. You know that and I know that.

So how exactly can you tell quality social media account assets from cheap and easily forgettable accounts? Keep the following in mind.

Fully Filled Out and Complete

If your social media profile obviously looks complete, people are more likely to trust you. They feel that you’re not hiding the ball. At the very least, they feel that you’re not a fake account. Unfortunately, a lot of social media accounts for sale out there are very rudimentary. They’re very simple. They just feature very basic information. In many cases, a lot of the information presented really don’t say much. Accordingly, people don’t trust them all that much. So you know you’re looking at a quality account when the person who’s selling it to you has taken the time, effort and energy to fill it out completely so it looks 100% legit.

Consistent Information with a Few Fun Posts Mixed In

The essence of social media, of course, is sharing information. Sounds good? Sounds obvious? Well, the problem here is that there are lots of social media accounts for sale that essentially just publish garbage. Now, I’m not saying that the material they send is all low quality. What makes the posts garbage is that you can’t tell a theme from them. It’s not consistent. One day they are talking about their kittens, the next day, they’re talking about traveling to Thailand. They’re all over the place. And if you are thinking of buying these accounts to use them for promotions, they have to have a theme so people can quickly check out their profile, figure out what they’re about, and quickly decide whether to follow them or not. They would be unable to do that if their posts basically jump all over the place. You should look for social media accounts that have consistent information with a few fun items thrown in. In other words, the few fun posts highlight the fact that the person using this account is a real person with real interests. But, by and large, the account has to be focused on a particular body of information.

Brand Building Conscious

You know you’re dealing with a real professional source when their social media accounts go out of their way to build brand consciousness. You have to understand that social media platforms are primarily branding platforms. They’re all about raising consciousness, they’re all about establishing trust in content themes. This is very hard to do if the account that you’re thinking of buying doesn’t have an obvious brand that jumps out at you. Now, I’m not just talking about a logo, I’m not just talking about the quality of the cover, I’m talking about the relevance and topic sensitivity, as well as unity, of the content being published by that account. Everything has to flow and everything has to unite in such a way that a distinct brand identity is very possible.

The Right Graphical Branding Components

High quality social media accounts invest in the proper graphics. We’re talking about avatars, covers and whatnot. If somebody’s selling you a Twitter account that has the default logo of an egg, you might want to walk away because it’s obvious that the person didn’t even bother to try to create a distinct graphical brand. I mean, that account may have tons of tweets, but the brand focus is not there.

Personality Driven

There are lots of software used to build up social media accounts. This is an open secret. The problem is, a lot of the software publishes content that doesn’t really have a personality. It seems cold and robotic. Stay away from those accounts because people flock to real personalities on social media. They want to see the human being behind the account. And that’s very hard to do if the account is powered by software.


Great social media accounts are all about establishing an interpersonal relationship. This is not hierarchical, this is not title-driven, it’s really all about two different people becoming comfortable with each other. That’s the whole magic of social media engagement. Look for this when looking for high-quality social media accounts to buy. The informality has to be there. It can’t be stiff and rigid.

Active Engagement with Followers

You know that you’re dealing with a superstar account when the followers of that account ask questions or offer suggestions and the account holder actually takes the time to respond to them. This is very important because followers can easily tune you out. They are not going to unfollow you, but they are not going to pay attention to your updates either. You don’t want to be in that situation. You’re buying this account because you want people to pay attention to your content. Unfortunately, if the previous owner couldn’t care less about the information requests or engagement patterns of their followers, then a lot of your updates will probably be falling on deaf ears.

Significant Engagement with Influence Leaders in Their Niche

High-quality accounts engage with tried and proven influence leaders in their niche. They do this by cross tagging, or they do this by sharing content or commenting on content. This is fairly easy to do on Twitter. Regardless, look for this type of engagement because the more influential leaders reference the account that’s being sold, the higher the likelihood that that social media account for sale is actually influential. Make no mistake about it, you’re buying accounts for influence. Traffic is a secondary consideration. It’s important, but you would be better off with influence because when you have influence, people are more likely to convert.

Expertly Curated Third Party Content

Even if the seller manages to post content that is very niche specific, this might not be enough. It has to be the best of breed content. Seriously. Why? You want to build expertise. You want people to know, in no uncertain terms, that you know what you’re talking about. This is very hard to do if you’re basically just using a hashtag to pick any random content and just blasting away. That’s not going to build expertise. That’s not going to build credibility and authority. Look for third party objective indications that this is truly the best stuff. How do you know? Well, you can look at the content and see how many times it’s been retweeted. You can look up on Facebook on how many thumbs up it’s gotten. The more objective indications of quality you see, the higher the likelihood that the seller of this social media account knows what they’re doing.

Memorable Original Content

This is the payload of any social media account. You don’t make money normally by just simply curating third party content. Instead, you build credibility that way. But if you really want a few dollars to your bank account, then you have to publish original content that links to your website, which enables you to convert that traffic into cash. High-quality accounts know how to do this, that’s why they feature original content from their blogs or resource websites.

Keep the tips above in mind if you are in the market for social media accounts. They are not created equal. You have to know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, it’s too easy to buy something that, ultimately, doesn’t serve your purposes. You’re not doing this to waste money, so every additional minute of time you invest in telling apart good accounts from mediocre ones is definitely time well spent because it translates to real profits.