So what can our company provide that others can’t?

Years of experience!

While our website is quite young, the people behind it have years of experience in the field of social media marketing. We know how to perform in-depth audits, check for fake activity, hunt for latest trends, and much more! However, negotiations are our main forte. This is why we will always bring you top dollar (or top savings) on all virtual properties listed on our website.

Multilingual support!

While we prefer to use English, our staff can communicate in English, Spanish, Hindi and Polish.

Quality properties!

Click farm generated properties? Fake bot filled accounts? Not here. We only sell real and genuine accounts. We provide detailed statistics and proof of ownership before each transaction. To ease your mind will answer all your questions before your decide to sell/purchase.


If you have been “in the game,” you will know that buying and selling virtual properties via public channels is nearly impossible. Social giants like Facebook or Instagram take notice, and they simply remove or delete the accounts. Also, it is no secret that this business model is plagued with scammers. Screening, anonymity, safety & quality control is what we do.


From start to finish your transaction will be conducted in the most professional manner. Let our brokers buy/sell properties in your name. This way you avoid talking to a bunch of strangers and won’t have to deal with cumbersome negotiations. On top of everything you don’t fully know the true intentions of private sellers, and working with an established company such as ensures a smooth transaction. We’re the safest place on the web for buying and selling properties of virtual value.

Dedicated marketplace!

We’re the only place on the web that is fully dedicated to buying and selling virtual properties. Our staff constantly monitors our marketplace to weed out any would-be scammers. You will not find a safer place on the web! We provide excellent user screening, safe escrow services, and our heavily moderated marketplace is the safest way to buy/sell/trade whatever you might have. Make some extra side money by joining our network today!

Highest payouts in the industry!

If your property is what our buyers look for, you have our promise that we will give you the maximum payout! Our friendly staff will go over their heads to get you your money A.S.A.P.

We offer a variety of payment options too!